For the event planner

What is SuchCrowd?

SuchCrowd is an online platform that makes the creation of events a whole lot easier and risk free! On SuchCrowd you can post your events but you only have to run them if you get enough ticket sales.

How does it work?

  1. Post your event on SuchCrowd: you’ll need to know the date, time, location (not necessarily the venue but the area), description and cost of tickets.
  2. State the minimum amount of tickets you want to sell: this is your ticket sale target. You need to reach this before you can confirm the event*
  3. State the date by which you need to reach your target: remember to allow enough time that people know whether it is going ahead or not and you have time to pull it together!
  4. Send it out to your crowd: tell everyone about the event you want to make happen! We recommend social media and setting up a Facebook event page – remember to tell everyone that the event won’t happen unless you hit your target!
  5. People buy tickets and share with their friends to help make the event happen! They are charged but receive a FULL refund if the event doesn’t go ahead.
  6. Reach your target: confirm the event: attendees will be issued their tickets and we release the funds to you to put on the event.

*What happens if I don’t reach my target?

If you don’t reach your target noone is charged. We communicate with the people that did buy tickets and process their refunds. We also endeavor to collect feedback to help you work towards a successful event next time!

But what if I still want to run my event?

If you don’t reach your ticket sale target but you’re still feeling like you want to give your event a go come and chat to us! We can inform the event goers of your decision and make sure they are still happy to purchase the ticket given the new conditions.

What are your fees?

SuchCrowd takes 5% of ticket sales on successful events. We don’t charge anything if you don’t hit your minimum! Risk free to give your event idea a go!

Can I keep selling tickets on SuchCrowd after I reach my target ticket sale?

Yes! If you still have tickets to sell you absolutely can. We provide a basic ticketing service. Great for small to medium sized events. If you wish to use another ticketing service that is fine too.

I confirmed my event but I haven’t┬áreceived┬áthe funds yet?

Email with your event name and your account name and number and we will sort this pronto!

I’m interested! But I want more info!

Cool! Download our guide and have a look around our blog – we recommend steps to success and tips from the team as a starting point! Any more questions? Email and we will let you know!

For the event goer

I want to go to an event on SuchCrowd – what do I do?

Cool! Think of it like a normal ticketing system – ‘buy’ a ticket. The only difference is if the event doesn’t hit its target ticket sales you will receive a full refund. You will only receive a physical ticket once the event is confirmed.

Why does the event have to reach a target ticket sale?

The event planner needs some certainty that they (and now you) are not the only ones that want the event to happen! If you really want the event to go ahead they want you to demand it!

I really want the event to happen, how can I help?

Share, share, share! We encourage both the event planner and the event goer to actively promote the event through all forms of social media as well as just getting out there and telling your friends about it. The best way to make sure the events you want can happen is to get out there and make sure people know about it (and get a ticket if they want to go).

The event I wanted to go to has been confirmed – what now?

Whoop whoop! We love that result, sit tight we are sending you your ticket to the email you signed up with AS YOU READ. Didn’t get it? Email if you didn’t get it.

The event I wanted to go to didn’t get confirmed – what now?

:( unfortunately this happens sometimes. We’ll process your refund and inform you if the event planner wants to try again with slightly different details. We may also approach you for feedback on why you think the event didn’t make it to help the event planner next time!

I got like 10 people to come to an event that only had 20 as it’s target … seems like I should get rewarded?

COMING SOON …. ! We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. How would you want to be rewarded for helping make an event happen? Email and let us know. We’re also looking for people that are constantly bringing a crowd to events – sound like you? Get in touch … you may be part of the AlphaCrowd.

I have more questions?

Wicked! Email – we may even put them up here once you ask!