Our top 3 tips to successfully crowdsource events:

1. Confirmation Dates & Ticket Sales Targets

We recommend that you think of the Confirmation Date as the absolute last day that you can cancel the event, not necessarily the last point at which you can change something about the event and still go ahead with it.

Similarly, set your Ticket Sales Target as the absolute minimum number of tickets you need to sell for the event to go ahead. Your Ticket Sales Target should not be the amount you need to run the most outrageous version of your proposed event, nor the amount you need to sell to make some profit. Successful events often set their Target at either the amount needed to break even, or the amount needed to get the ball rolling in order to break even closer to the event.  

2. Customer Conversations

Make sure your calls to action (that’s fancy marketing jargon for asking people to buy tickets or something) include an invitation for people to give you feedback about the event. This way, if you don’t hit your Target, you’ll know why. If you do hit your Target, you’ll have information to help improve your event. That’s what we call a win-win where I come from.

3. Messaging

People want to know who you are and what the ticket money is going to pay for. In order for them to support your event, you need to be honest with them.

Some events are going to go ahead no matter what. But hitting the Ticket Sales Target might mean you’re more likely to run similar events. Let your crowd know this.

Some events can scale or change. You could book more performers. You could give free massages to everyone. You could turn the venue into a replica of Versaille, or even fly everyone to Versaille, if only you got enough ticket sales. Let your crowd know, they have the power to make it happen, you just need to empower their decision making.

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