Hey there team! Yeah we did kinda leave you hanging huh? Alright then! Wrap up time! For those just joining (you’re beyond late!) you can check out previous editions here.

Ok so firstly – we completed our 10 week growth sprint! Holy freaking moly it was really hard.

I pat everyone on the back who dealt with us over the last 10 weeks. Not to mention pats to the SuchCrowd team! 

Secondly – we grew! A lot!


Ok so maybe we didn’t get 80,000 leads. But we have grown our leads week on week for the last 3 weeks (green on gosquared!). 


Abs on SnapChat giving our customers the run down on how to make gosquared go green.
Abs on SnapChat giving our customers the run down on how to make gosquared go green.

Maybe we didn’t get 35 events in a single week and maybe we won’t get 50 events next week … but we’ve found a way to get over 200 events per year in a single conversation – and we’ve found thousands of people to have that conversation with.


Let’s wind back and recap for a sec



We started a 10 week growth sprint with the aim of teaching our team lean methodology (and reminding ourselves as well) and running experiments to test what contributes to growth and what needs to be thrown overboard.


In 10 weeks here’s some of the major things we accomplished

  • First large customer beginning paid use
  • Duplication of the platform for the Australian market
  • More events on the platform in one month (September) than the first half of this year
  • Featured in Startup of the Week
  • Co-founder Visa granted (this was a pretty awesome day!)
  • Digital and content marketing strategy well underway


Records broken

  • Most events from one customer (15)
  • Most ticket sales in half an hour ($4000 worth)
  • … most hours worked? Probably given that our team has doubled in size (though those who know us might think it would be impossible to work more hours than what we did in Lightning Lab)!


Most importantly – we’ve learnt a lot about what works! We’ve grown and we’ve learnt how to keep up with that growth. We’re far more focused on what needs to be done.


We’ve also learned never to do a growth sprint for 10 weeks again … I think Weirdly actually told us that but who are we to listen right!? But seriously … 2 weeks would be pushing it. One week is probably enough. Will sprints be a part of the SuchCrowd culture? Maybe. We’ve been thinking about a design sprint. We could also potentially do a content sprint (I don’t think even Google have done that yet so that could be fun). But for now we’re actually thinking that it might be cool to just chill out for a weekend and discuss where we are at with SuchCrowd and where we are going. Get everyone focused on what’s important … including our mental health.


One things for sure – you haven’t heard the last from this team! We’ve actually got a couple of new people that have been hanging out so look out for some new faces to be profiled (maybe in that content sprint? 😉 )


PS: thanks to everyone who put up with us during this time. You know who you are and we’re getting some t-shirts ordered for you.


Much Love, SuchCrowd. Crowd demanded events.

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