We often get asked the question “What kind of events can you run on SuchCrowd?”. Lots of people think they aren’t event organisers, with SuchCrowd, anyone can bring their ideas to life.

We are all about new, novel, out-there, risky, and risque ideas for events.

Here’s a bunch of different examples of events that have been crowdsourced successfully through SuchCrowd:


A kitten spinning around on a turntable

Pop-Up Kitten Cafe

Play with coffee, drink small cats. Something like that at least. Too much cuteness, no financial risk to the event organisers.

a bunch of people waiting for someone to click something on a computer

Startup Weekend Dunedin

Hackathons and conferences are notoriously financially risky, but there’s a lot of people that want to make them happen. We were able to bridge the gap between people that wanted to see Startup Weekend go ahead, and those that have the ability to pull it off.

a corgi being very relaxed

Weekend Away with Friends

Create your next getaway to a beautiful location with friends, food, and fun without the looming risk of “but what if everyone else changes plans at the last minute?” SuchCrowd rids the world of this age old problem.

Someone pouring a potion for Harry Potter to drink

A Night of Magic

This Harry Potter themed cocktail evening at a local lounge bar sold out in 30 minutes, shattering our record ticket sales figures.

dancing funny

Night Life

Imagine a rave, but with meditation, yoga, and massage instead of all the gross bits that normally come with dance parties. The guys over at Rise & Shine imagined just that and their event was a huge success.

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