To celebrate SuchCrowd’s launch in Australia, we have compiled a list of our favourite venues in Australia!

Brisbane Brewing Company 

The Brisbane Brewing Company is a fantastic venue for live musical acts. Sure to win over your crowd, their bar celebrates the weird and wonderful world of craft-beer – a boutique experience, genuinely invested in the local cultural trends. Found on Boundary St in the West End, you’ll find them running off their feet through the weekend. The Brisbane Brewing Company gets plenty of foot traffic – there’s always another crowd waiting to fill the seats, just outside! Whether it’s a Friday night party or a quieter jam session on a Sunday evening, the Brisbane Brewing Company are ready to get involved!


The Triffid is an experience unto itself: the curved ceilings, reminiscent of WWII aircraft hangars, accentuate the venue’s appeal and give it a real sense of identity. The off-beat design features extend to the counter built from old shipping containers, complimented by a beer garden. The indoor café is open for breakfast and lunch, pumping out great meals and delicious coffee all day. The venue attracts a loyal crowd every Sunday, hosting local artists, free of charge, every week.

With a capacity limit set at 800, the Triffid is one of the best venues for many large-scale events, while remaining down-to-earth: the Sunday sessions see massive foot-traffic and give burgeoning creative minds a place to showcase their talent.


One of the more diverse venues in Sydney, Basement, dabbles in comedy shows, burlesque nights, and handcraft. That said, they are also known to open their extended dance hall and let the evening loose – particularly with touring bands who can draw local groups together to sell a good crowd!

Brooklyn Standard

Drawing inspiration from the speakeasy days of yesteryear, Brooklyn Standard is an underground venue for live music which can be found on Brisbane’s Eagle Lane. The aesthetic is driven home by the bands which bring in crowds six nights per week, often playing funk, soul, blues, and rockabilly – a real bar’s bar. Named the Best Live Music Bar of 2015, Brooklyn Standard is open from 4pm through to the wee hours from Monday to Friday, with a 6pm opening time on Saturdays.

Vice Bar

No list of Australian venues providing their own groove would be complete without Vice Bar. Vice Bar, just north of the heart of Melbourne, combines an ever-changing range of pale ales and cocktails with dumpling specials – get a crowd in and give them a night to remember! Vice Bar are open from 6pm Wednesday through Sunday, hosting musical acts four nights for the week. Found at 42 Johnston St in Fitzroy, get in touch with them today about giving your crowd something a little different!

Jazz Club

We’re closing out our list with a nod to the Brisbane Jazz Club, found right on the river, giving gorgeous views of the city – silhouetted against the night sky or set off by the sun, the venue is perfect for the live jazz acts you’ll find there. Notably, the Brisbane Jazz Club is run by volunteers, who work tirelessly to ensure maintain the venue’s reputation for hosting top-tier local and international jazz acts. The not-for-profit venue is open Thursday through Sunday.

These are just a few of the brilliant venues Australia has to offer: get out there and find the perfect place for you and your crowd!

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