What is an Event Champion?


Do you constantly find yourself telling friends about cool events that you want to go to? Always the one buying the first tickets, grabbing some extras for your friends, scheduling the event in your calendar and just generally being the best person ever?


You might just be an Event Champion.



At SuchCrowd we LOVE people like you. Why? You are often sole reason why an event reaches its target ticket sale. You have the power to make events HAPPEN!


In a world where people are constantly being invited to events and bombarded by advertisements, you are the person that can cut through the noise. In a world where people are on SEVEN different social medias on average, you are the best person to tell others about an event because you are informed, passionate, and keen.


We want to get to know you and pick your brains (in a non-intimidating, non-zombie way). We want to know what’s hard about what you do and what you like about it. We want to make life significantly more awesome for you and the best way to do that is to ask you how!
If you consider yourself an event champion get in touch with us. There’s likely to be some pretty sweet incentives involved … depending, as always, on how we can best help you! Recognition, rewards, backstage passes, tech tools, or…? Tell us what you need to keep being awesome (or become more awesome) and we will deliver wherever possible!


Sound like something you’re keen on? Chuck a cheeky email here and we will be in touch!

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