To crowd source an event you need to have a conversation with your audience. SuchCrowd places responsibility for the success of your event in the hands of the audience, it gives them the power.

I’m not going to go into social media 101, that’s over here. With a crowdsourced event you can make your calls to action more than just a “please go buy tickets”. Use your social media posts to engage people in deeper conversation about your event, your organisation, or yourself if you’re doing this alone. People want to feel part of something larger than themselves. Crowdsourcing your events can appeal to that desire. Let them be a part of shaping, designing, and creating your events.

Ask your audience where they want the event to be.

Allow yourself to be open to the possibility of going for a radically different venue than what you’d originally planned. Throw a rave in the Botanic Gardens. Teach yoga in a rowing club by the waterfront. Take your avant garde performance art into someone’s living room. Give the people what they want!

Ask your audience when they want the event to be.


The pope wants to know what time it is.
It’s OK to change the time of your event.

Get the conversation going with your audience on social media, make changes if you need to, and then they can go buy tickets for the dates they nominated.

Ask your audience what they want to experience.

This is a huge one and it’s intimately tied to your budget. If you’re honest with people about how much it’s going to cost for them to see their favourite act, they’re far more likely to go out and rouse their friends into a ticketing frenzy.

Get them excited. Give them ownership of the shape of the event. Be honest. Be vulnerable. Dare to create amazing, unique experiences for people.

Show them you respect their ideas about your event and they will love you for it.

The pope loves you.
Listen to your audience, love their feedback.


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