This week, we had a chance to catch up with Connor Boyle – also known as Confusiohm, to ask him about his experiences using the SuchCrowd platform.

Connor is a DJ, Event Planner and Entrepreneur – though he’d tell you he’s a “sorcerer of sound and light”. With a mane of golden curls,  immaculately tailored paisley shirts and an air of effervescent creativity,  he gives the impression of a modern day wizard, bringing a little magic into the world with every event he organises. Perhaps ‘event’ is the wrong word… With his characteristic enthusiasm and passion, he describes them as a line of ‘immersive experiences’ in which people don’t simply watch, but are given the chance to participate, and the sense of backstage-pass satisfaction that comes with being a part of the creative process.


Connor’s uncanny knack for novelty makes his events utterly unique. Not only are they interactive experiences, but they are successfully surfing the growing wave of ‘conscious nightlife’ that is emerging internationally, turning the tides of entertainment away from a culture of intoxication abuse and harm, towards a new party paradigm of well-being, fulfilment, and fun you will remember for years to come. Again, this novel approach encourages people to be open and enjoy something a bit different.

For example,  Night Life is a nocturnal journey through guided mediation, vinyassa yoga, massage and – of course – music to make you move. This fusion takes party goers on an adventure through a range of sensuous mindstates, and returned them home again, no longer strangers, but the type of friends that can only be created through the sharing of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Connors gift for thinking outside the box, and commitment to the different,  will ensure that all of his events are exactly that: once in a lifetime.

When asked about why he used SuchCrowd Connor notes the ease of getting the word out there about his events and ensuring tickets are sold;

“It’s very reversy, on SuchCrowd I managed to get the bulk of my ticket sales sold well before the event. I set my minimum at breakeven and it made me really happy having no stress of hitting it.”

We love his events because they’re a whole experience, engaging the senses, mind, body and soul. They aren’t passive pass-times, but participative parties where the audience is as important to the experience as the organisers.

Connor’s events are such that it would do them an injustice to give too much of them away, but we are very excited to announce that after the flying success with NightLife, he is using SuchCrowd once again for his next adventurous event – The Summoning. This is set to be the highest value event on SuchCrowd yet.

Without spoiling too much, we can at least say that this experience will be less like going to rave and more like finding out you are wizard, and arriving at Hogwarts for the first time to find that they are throwing you a party. It will combine the all the fun, friends, and excellent music of a good night out, with all the fantastic and phantasmagorical creativity we’ve come to expect from a conjurer such as Connor.

Keep an eye out for The Summoning going live on SuchCrowd in the near future, and prepare yourself for an evening and an experience you will never, ever forget.


Take a page out of Connor’s book of innovation combined with SuchCrowd’s ability to de-risk the event and get it great promotion. Get started on your event concept today! Let’s make it happen.

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