Despite appearing to be one of the simplest components of running an event, in reality, scheduling has become a time-consuming process of market research and democratic planning.

Too often, amateur events will suffer because of a poorly chosen date or time. In order to survive in the higgledy-piggledy mass of public events, an event must be supported by a well-managed scheduling strategy. Taking a few moments to consider your base market could help move those last few sales, but an event planned for a metropolitan area requires far more extensive research.

Planning events in metropolitan areas requires seasonal information, sales and peak-time statistics, as well as information about the events which are already planned for public spaces in the city. With information like this, marketing strategies can be applied, and an audience can be reached more efficiently.

Here at SuchCrowd, we’re about bringing the power to you. We know that the biggest barrier to amateur events is the time consumed by the planning process, time could be better spent perfecting the content of the event itself – whether that means another band practice in the flat’s garage, a new tube of paint and a roll of canvas, or running your assistant through your presentation one final time. The crowds are coming to see the best that you can provide, so time lost on planning might end up diminishing the quality of the product you provide.

It’s clear to us that bringing the power to you means pulling back the clock – so we’ve come up with a great little engine designed to save you time, streamlining one of the most difficult phases of events planning.

Our free metadata engine processes the finer details of your event, provides a comparison with similar events, and attempts to provide the best scheduling solution available. It’s our aim to free amateur events from the headaches of scheduling – we want the experience to be as smooth as possible fo both the host and the ticket-holders, and we feel our new systems allow us to do just that.

Check it out here, for free!

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