The SuchCrowd Platform Is Available Now For Australian events.


We’re offering $100 credit if you pre-launch your Australian event with us before September 1st 2016.

To pre-launch your Australian event click here.


Kia Ora Australia, how’ve you been?

After a successful year of events planned through SuchCrowd, we’re ready to make the leap across the Tasman: no more countdowns – it’s our leap of faith.

We’ve taken big leaps before though. Our platform has overseen the structuring of over eighty events throughout New Zealand so far, with an eighty-one percent success rate. It’s worked for New Zealanders, who’ve done a little bit of everything through our platform. So come on Australia, let’s hit the ground running.

At SuchCrowd, we bring the power to the people in a brand new way:

Our platform is designed for live events – performance artists, this is your chance to reach the whole community!

What’s more: SuchCrowd’s security measures ensure support for both the artist and the host. There’s no excuse for not putting your best foot forward – grow that crowd.

All you need is an idea:

What do you want to do?

When do you want to do it?

Can you give the crowd a quick description?

What’s your target for ticket sales?

How much will you charge for a ticket?

Too easy.


Here’s how SuchCrowd works



And check out our video


Want more info? Check out our FAQ and case studies.



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