SuchCrowd’s platform means that the longer your event proposal is live, the more time you have to interact with the crowd. This makes it easy for you to receive direct feedback in the creation process.  From ticket prices to the chosen date, get involved with your crowd – provide what they need to make it along!


Event hosts often ask us when the ideal time is to post their event.


The answer is simple: the sooner you post, the better! Our platform facilitates a dialogue, so posting early means you have more time to talk to the people are that support the event. Build long-term relationships with the crowd, garner a reputation, spread the news!


Every now and again, you’ll want to change the details of your event because of the feedback you receive from the crowd. We’re prepared for this: event hosts have an amazing amount of freedom to change the details – even after the event is posted. We communicate with people who have already purchased tickets to ensure they are happy with proposed changes, and we’ve never had anyone request a refund based on the crowd-influenced changes.


If you’re still unsure as to how our feedback systems can help your business…,


You might find, like the Pop-Up Kitten Café that the crowd’s demands are beyond what you’d planned for – they were able to double their sessions, selling more tickets and bringing their event to far more people than they had thought possible.


Or maybe you’ll be able to cut costs, like the Wellington Collegians Cricket Club did: in response to the feedback from the crowd, the event’s catering plan was changed – everyone got the food they wanted, and the event ran at a lower cost as a result.


The Circotica Christmas Carnival used our platform to offer a range of possible dates to the crowds, and were able to adapt to their audience’s needs in order to have a full house – every night!


There are so many ways to use our platform to your advantage: to make the most of it, you have to start early!


What are you waiting for?


Create your event and start talking to the crowd today!

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