Hi everyone!

Thanks to everyone that’s been following along as SuchCrowd undertakes our growth sprint.

This week we welcome Jose Mathias (ex Timely employee) who will be joining us for the growth sprint to give guidance on content strategy. Jose is #boss. He’s been helping us get up to scratch on everything from SEO to photoshop. His prior experience in a fast moving, high tech start up means he has absolutely hit the ground running with the SuchCrowd team.

Jose has recently made a splash as a promoter in the Wellington music scene. We love his ability to get straight in the artists head space, understanding what’s difficult for them in putting on live events and making sure we are on point with the resources we provide.

becky and jose jacob and joseabbe and jose

^^ I know what you’re thinking and the answer is YES, we do all wear our SuchCrowd shirts every day #suchproud

Testing 10 hypotheses each day results in a busy, busy trello board.

It also gives us a lot of results and guides us really quickly as to what’s working and what’s not.

But what comes after that? Well – for SuchCrowd we want to do MORE of the stuff that works and STOP doing stuff that doesn’t work.

Hypotheses allow us to test things in a really quick way to get a result that indicates whether it works or not … the cool thing is, if it does work – we get to build on that. What started as simple quick test can be developed into an asset and process that we can do more of moving forward.

So this week we’ve been focusing heavily on building assets and processes around our successful hypotheses!

What about the stuff that doesn’t work?

If something doesn’t work we either ditch it or work out another angle. For example – we’ve never managed to get valuable leads from Twitter. We don’t want to ditch Twitter completely but it does show us that what we are doing on Twitter currently is a waste of time, so, back to the drawing board with more hypotheses to test about what could work.

Any twitter experts got stuff for us to test?

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