Urban dictionary defines the term ‘Girl Gang’ as ‘those fearless ladies who exude self-confidence and help build their fellow sisters up, not tear them down’. But for Sophia Lee, CEO of Living Dolls, this term became more than just a hashtag, but an ethos for building a new community of strong women embracing their bodies, and each other.

Living Dolls


Sophia Lee has embodied the girl gang mentality since creating the Living dolls brand. The Living Dolls brand started with Lee’s vision and in 2009 she began showcasing her collections of lingerie, costumes & accessories inspired by Barbie, candy, rock ‘n’ roll & all things feminine. Taking to social media her media style was simple; connect to every woman and make them feel beautiful.


Living Dolls has a unique value proposition; while most lingerie or modelling companies want women to feel sexy, Living Dolls encourages this in the most unapologetic way. Never is a woman told to change, never is she made to feel too big or too small, never is she made to feel her tattoos should be covered, in fact these traits are celebrated.


This unapologetic attitude spread to the pages Lee and partner in crime Jackel Daniels (real name Jessica Aitchison) made to create online communities. The Girl Gang gang was established. With 3500 likes, this page again encourages its followers to be brazen and proud of who they are.


Living Dolls

Living Dolls encourages women to build each other up, rather than be competitive and tear one another down. And this is evident in their online presence; when a new photo shoot is shared the response is excited and celebratory; “beautiful!” “omg <3” “magic”.


Sophia Lee has transformed her brand from just a name but into something that resonates with her customers. It has become synonymous with pride, strength, and confidence. Below is this marketers tips on how to create such a community within your customer base using social media.


1.Be unapologetic.

Feel empowered by your brand, feel passionate about it, and express it without hesitation. If your value proposition is different and quirky, embrace that and incorporate it into your content.


2.Embrace your point of difference.

Living DollsDaniels and Lee both have posted videos explaining the meaning of their tattoos. Their shared content is filled with pop culture references specific to what they like and feel their audience can relate to. Cater your content to your point of difference, make your social media pages exclusive so that visitors know they won’t see this material anywhere else.


3.Encourage communication within your customers – humanize your brand

If your Facebook posts are receiving comments, like them and reply to them! Make an effort to comment on customers posts and respond to them. Tell a story; Girl Gang has posted videos on how to deal with heartbreak, and show snippets of their lives, making the audience feel a part of the squad.


4.Turn negatives into positives

Lee and Daniels have taken negative reviews, deeming them trashy and inappropriate, and used this to fuel their passions. They were outspoken in media outlets and turned this aggression into a very popular campaign, sharing memes and videos responding to the ‘haters’.


5.Be honest.

Living Dolls best successes are reliant on honesty. This makes you relatable and real. If you offer your photo shoots to women of all sizes, then post a video of you eating a large popcorn and ice cream at the movies, post a video showcasing the struggle of getting into skinny jeans.

Living Dolls

Please check out the Living Dolls page to see what these beautiful women are doing.


Photos sourced from the Living Dolls Facebook page



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Written by Tess Hazelhurst

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