Insights from the 2nd week of the #suchsprint coming at ya!

Ok so at SuchCrowd we’ve been undertaking a growth sprint (check out previous updates here and here) . Now the first thing I should mention is that this has been hard. Like, really hard. This week we’ve had half our team sick – I’ve been making them lemon, ginger, honey rather than coffee. Turning down coffee in favour of something else in startup speak means you’re pretty much dead so this is a bit scary.

Lemon, ginger, honey plungers for the team!

We started the week full of enthusiasm – why? Because we freaking did it! We hit all our targets for the previous week – and believe me, those targets were not really made to be achievable (shhh don’t tell the team).

Also a lot of really cool other things happened

  • We were featured in Startup of the Week.
  • We secured our first Australian event.
  • We got our first organic event goer engagements – people asking us for particular types of events to be on our platform (note: we have people wanting music hint hint).

2 hours later – we lost our first team member to sickness <3 you Becky – sorry you pretty much fainted in the office.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it’s been a little slumpish since then.

But still on Monday morning we broke one of our own records, taking more registrations for any single event in an hour than ever before! We’ve set up accounts that have been six months in the making. Our development squad worked together to set up an irresistible pitch, bringing a new client to the SuchCrowd brand and leaving everyone happy with a job well done.

We’ve finally closed a deal with a big customer that has been in the pipeline for the better part of 6 months. Our dev team were all sitting together walking the customer through our product demo and it was so freaking cool to watch them absolutely nail it and make that customer super happy.

The people I work with continue to astound me.

Key learnings from this week of #suchsprint

  • Deep insight is just as important as fast execution

Fair to say the first week of #suchsprint we were putting things out there really fast without too much thought. We need to test the hypotheses NOW. 10 a day remember. This week the focus has been on going a bit deeper into what things actually mean.

An example? Well when someone says they struggle to book a venue what are they really struggling with?

I’ll share with you something that is kinda interesting – straight from the industries mouth.

  • Booking a venue is not that hard
  • Everyone thinks booking a venue is really hard
  • The industry would like number 1 and number 2 to remain the same – because they make money from it.

This is just an example of some of the uncoverings,

Stay tuned. #suchsprint

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