So we have a lot of debate in the SuchCrowd office about whether unconfirmed events are positive or negative. A lot of people get anxious about the uncertainty of events being unconfirmed … and we get that. No one likes to think that their dream event might not end up happening. This blog post is dedicated towards thinking about the positives that can come out of an event being unconfirmed.

Changing the conversation

Most events are planned and then pushed out to the public at a point where it is too late to feasibly change any of the details. It then becomes a one sided shout between event planners and event goers … led by the event planner and focused on selling the damn tickets.

An unconfirmed event changes the conversation, or rather, makes it a conversation in the first place. Instead of just trying to sell the tickets you can ask people for feedback – if they don’t want to buy a ticket what’s stopping them? Maybe you can change something.

An unconfirmed event involves the event goer immediately and values them above all else in the event planning process. Asking the crowd whether they will attend is one of the simplest ways to know if you should confirm your event.

Risk free

Let’s face it, event planning is pretty risky – for everyone involved. An event planner puts time and resources into the event and can never be 100% sure on a good outcome. Funding bodies, venue managers, everyone involved in making the event happen take a risk as well. And if tickets don’t sell as expected, everyone is hurt. Reputations and financially as well.

If you start off with the event unconfirmed then you only confirm it once you are confident it will be successful. And what can make you more confident than keen attendees and money in the bank?

Reduced promotion costs

Still not convinced unconfirmed events are the way to go? Well, how about promotion. Let’s consider the promotion work that goes into a confirmed event. Well for a start a confirmed event has to push the word out to as many people as possible, they HAVE to sell those tickets! This is expensive, posters, sponsored ads, radio  anything possible to get the word out. The more people that know, the more chance you have to sell enough tickets.

An unconfirmed event gets NATURAL share and spread. Don’t believe it? Pretty much everyone who buys a ticket to our unconfirmed events shares it and tells friends. This is because they are all incentivised to help promote, or the event doesn’t happen!

Asking your crowd FIRST if they want to attend the event has many benefits! Maybe not every event will get confirmed, but even this allows you to focus on the events that are worthwhile. An unconfirmed event changes the nature of event planning and promotion to make it cheaper, more engaging and less risky.

And for the event goer … well they get an active say in what things they want to happen in their region! Always wanted a ColorRun in your town? Pester the event planner to put it on SuchCrowd! And that’s just one tiny example of the events you could be helping to make happen around you.

Event planners and event goers …. get amongst.

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