What comes to mind when you think of planning your next event? A jolt of excitement imagining yourself in the spotlight showcasing your skills to an thrilled audience? Unfortunately this is often followed by a nauseous feeling when you realize the difficulty of marketing your event independently, the stress of knowing you may not make back all the money you spend on travel and a venue, and the ultimate fear that after all your hard work no one will show up. As creatives ourselves we understand how exciting it is to share your art with the world and also how challenging it is to plan a successful event.
Our head of mark11665493_922981434429175_8776953535307357929_neating and sales Tess Hazelhurst is a passionate cabaret performer under the name of Belle De Jour. She has a BA majoring in performing 11692697_922979461096039_4277597590185293527_narts, minoring in dance, and has worked as a dance teacher, primarily for Otago Dance Association, for 2 and a half years. She’s also dabbled in theatre, music, and comedy. Her favourite thing about performing is the rush you get from being on stage. While some people shy away from the spotlight, Te12065927_976537352406916_7916010874642470853_nss actively seeks it for that adrenalin rush. Some of her most infamous quotes revolve around sparkles; “You never go with a bare leg, its always fishnets, stockings, or diamantes!” Her love for performance and years of experience, coupled with a degree in marketing management give her unique ideas on how to make SuchCrowd better for creatives.



Swing dancingOur lead developer Scout Liu is also a dedicated performer who can speak to not only the thrill of a performance, but also the difficulties she and her clients face in the planning proFirecess. In her free time Scout does Costume design, fantasy photography, digital illustration, and crafts. Scout also performs fire dancing, stilt walking, roving characters, and does gig photography for clients. The clients organize the events, anything from private and corporate events to night markets, and then hire her and her team to put on awesome performances. With events like these it is often very difficult to predict the turnout. This means the clients could hire too many or too few performers leading to them either waisting money or having an unsuccessful event. Because of these uncertainties and and since the event planners have already invested a lot of money and time, they become very stressed. This is also stressful for the creatives who were hired because they cannot be guaranteed an audience for their event. Scout also does swing dancing where she faces similar problems. It is very hard to organize swing dancphotomanipulation2es when there is uncertainty over the lead/follower ratios. There is also always the risk that not enough people will show up and her Golden Victorian Statueteam will not make enough to cover the cost of the venue, food and travel. These problems make it difficult for her and her teams to be able to share their art. Scout’s years of experience both planning and performing in events have given her the ability to come up with creative new tools to implement on SuchCrowd that will further simplify the event planning process for creatives.



For both Tess and Scout it was their passion for performing and their wish to help other performers share their talents that drove them to join the SuchCrowd team. And their intimate first hand knowledge of the challenges facing creatives is shaping the way SuchCrowd helps creatives de-risk events.


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