We are on the eve of our 3rd day of our growth sprint (#suchsprint.)

We are alive.

We are tired.

So, what have we been doing?

Our growth sprint outline is forcing our hand on creativity, execution and speed.

Put simply – we aim to create, test and measure 10 hypotheses a day. Each.

What is a hypothesis?

A hypothesis is a statement around an action you will undertake and the result it will derive.

The action can be random and creative but the result MUST move the needle on a metric that matters to the business (ours are leads, sign ups and events).

Once you create it, you test it, then you measure it.

are we dead yet
Example of a hypothesis from our Trello board

If you do it and it doesn’t work then that is freaking awesome. Why? Because you just learned that something is ineffective so you don’t have to do it anymore.

If it works – bingo – you might just be onto something that can grow the business. Growth sprint style.

Why 10 hypotheses?

It’s the magic number. No kidding, but the key idea of the suchsprint is to force us to learn REALLY fast. The best way to do that is to insist that things be broken down into the smallest possible form that allows the test to be undertaken quickly. If you have to do 10 a day you have to work that out – even this blog post is taking too long (hence why I’m writing it at 8.51pm and it’s only making up my 8th hypothesis of the day ARRRRRRRGGGGHHHH.)

Key learnings thus far?

Was hoping you’d ask! The first is negative – we’re all feeling that because of the growth sprint quality of work is becoming a bit well, average (ie there is probably spelling mistakes in this blog post).

The second is really, really positive – so far the growth sprint is helping us, we are actually moving the needle on our key metrics. Some of the stuff we are doing is really working and we’re getting a quick feel for what it is. I’m super excited to see what SuchCrowd looks like at the end of the sprint (if I make it that is).

I’m extremely proud of the whole team, we’ve stepped up to the challenge and are killing it (and maybe us, whoops).

If you want you can sign up to our blog to follow us along the journey (we removed double opt in! Whoop whoop!!)

PS we have this hypothesis on the trello board that our chairperson Brian Steele wants to test; it goes like this ;

Having Lorde or Peter Jackson endorse SuchCrowd will result in 2000 sign ups.

Can anyone help us test this?

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