Hitting the ground running with growth : Introducing SuchSprint

The SuchCrowd team just doubled in size … yeah that happened. We’ve been doing and will keep doing, fun meet the team stuff on our social media. So follow us!

In other news, we’ve decided to celebrate … with a SuchCrowd growth sprint. Yes you heard right, at SuchCrowd we celebrate by working harder and faster than ever. We fun, come work for us! 😉

As a tech company moving fast and working in sprints is part of our culture. But what exactly is a growth sprint?

What is a growth sprint?

I first learned about growth sprints from Weirdly – an Auckland based recruitment startup with culture and tech to die for.

But aside from them there’s not a lot written about growth sprints … so like anything in startups, we’re making it up as we go.

For SuchCrowd our growth sprint is marking the end of our ‘exploratory phase’ and launching us into ‘execution’.

Some things to note:

  • We will always be exploring – that’s how you keep your blinkers on to new opportunities
  • We have always been executing – that’s how we already have customers and revenue

So what’s really different?

  • We have a whiteboard
Jake and Tess by the SuchCrowd growth sprint board
Jake and Tess by the SuchCrowd growth sprint board
  • We have a specific Trello board
SuchCrowd growth sprint trello board
SuchCrowd growth sprint trello board
  • We are deadly focused on our metric – be it leads, sign ups or events – we own it and we drive it

SuchCrowd aims to help artists put on live events to build a paying audience. In doing this we hope to help artists build sustainable business practices around their passion so they can keep doing it forever, fulltime!

Growth for us means the ability to help MORE artists put on MORE events. More events = more fun.

More events, more fun.

SuchCrowd is using an experimental framework that Matt, CEO at  Debtor Daddy showed us! We use it to design and test hypotheses – at least 10 each a day. We aim to move the needle on our metrics in a REPEATABLE, SCALABLE way. We are likely to fail on most hypotheses and we will work to improve ones that show promise. In Matt’s words ‘if it doesn’t grow the company, we don’t do it’.

So – a few things for our followers

  1. We’re sorry. We’re going to be a little crazy for a while. We’re going to be clapping failure equally alongside success. We’re going to be talking in hypotheses. We’re going to want emails and phone calls to be answered right meow. We’re going to be hustling.
  2. Speaking of hustling … if you want to follow us along on our journey there are a couple of ways. Follow us on various social medias (hashtag: suchsprint) or sign up for future blog posts and we will send you ones related to the growth sprint (note – the sign up is back up the top of the blog and it requires double opt in) … there’s a hypothesis to be tested around that so maybe that will change!

Got ideas for things to test!? Ping me an email!

The SuchSprint will have some super exclusive promotion offers for both artists creating events AND people wanting to attend events so SIGN UP (top of the page) to get amongst and make sure you tell your friends (preferably with the hashtag: suchsprint).

^^ That’s the hustle we’re talking about by the way.

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