There’s no doubt that having to find a venue for your event is tough. Jacob Rajan from Indian Ink Theatre Company books venues a year or more out when looking to tour his world class productions. Miles Gregory says the choice in venue can make or break your show – he’d know, rather than find a venue he quite literally created his own for the famous Popup Globe theatre.


For people looking to put on events being able to find a venue is often their first consideration, and if they can’t find a venue it stops an event before it even gets started.


At SuchCrowd we’re not about stopping events, we’re about getting them started. So the thought of a potentially great event coming to an end just because the event planner couldn’t find a venue didn’t sit well with us.


But it is a reality, particularly when people start to look at taking an event to a new region, if it’s hard to find a venue in your own town imagine the difficulty of finding the right place when you can’t even have a look around or talk face to face with the venue manager.


The top priorities when choosing a venue are listed by Whova as

  1.     Budget
  2.     Number of attendees
  3.     Type of event (formal, high-tech, etc.)


SuchCrowd helps event planners derisk their event by getting the ticket sales early so they know their numbers and their budget. See how it works here. But once an event planner has done that how do they go about finding a venue that suits?

Welcome to SuchCrowd’s new offering – a venue matching service for events that have achieved their minimum numbers to help them find a venue.


find a venue


For venues, they get an event that comes with a guaranteed crowd of people, for event planners – a frictionless way to go from event idea right through to execution.


If you’re a venue that’s interested in increasing the number of events and people at your venue get in touch with us (– we’d love to talk to you and see if you’re suitable to add to our database.


For event planners, no more venue finding hassle. Leave it to us, just get your minimum numbers on SuchCrowd and we will find the perfect venue for your event – at no charge. Click here to get started or sign up for more info.


Turn your event idea into a reality today.

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