The SuchCrowd team is based in New Zealand (it’s near Australia) so we know about event planning in New Zealand. It’s actually not that different to anywhere else. We have slightly less large events – because we are, you know, small. And our large events are a bit smaller. But in terms of event planning procedure nothing much changes. There’s still the same practices, annoyances, concerns and risks.

The SuchCrowd team is made up of some pretty cool people who actually think differently about event planning to the norm. It’s not surprising, we think kinda different about most things. Our CFO Jacob Manning got called a corporate rasta once – but that’s another story (which we could blog about if you want us to).

Today’s story is purely related to event planning. Today we’re going to tell you a story about triangles. Bear with us, triangles is a metaphor for how we see the current model of event planning and why we want to think differently about it.

So let’s start with an upside down triangle. Look at it! Look at how fragile it is, it literally looks like it could topple over any second. This triangle is how we see the event planning process as it stands (or falls) currently. Event planning in new zealand

What’s with the triangle? Ok let me explain. The triangle is in a step process representing the time and work the event planner is putting into the event. In general event planners plan the event, putting a heap of time and resources into it and then lastly make the ticket sales. The red? The red is the RISK the event planner is taking – as more time and resources are spent the risk increases. See how it flicks to green at the end? That’s because the event planner has begun making ticket sales, validating their event idea, ensuring it will have a crowd and covering their costs.

So what do the SuchCrowd team think? Well we think this all looks like it needs a shake up. See the thing is that under this model the risk is only alleviated at the last stage – and until then the person bring the amazing event to the crowd is bearing it all on them. Pretty scary!

The SuchCrowd team want to introduce you to a different triangle.

event planning in new zealandThis ones the right way up … and it’s all green. It seems more stable right? What’s it mean? I’ll break it down, basically under this model of event planning the event planner doesn’t have to bear any risk. Put simply they go out and get their ticket sales before they sink the time and resources into planning the event.

But how? On SuchCrowd event planners have the ability to introduce an event idea without committing to planning it UNLESS they get the ticket sales they want. Put up the event, specify the minimum target ticket sales and people jump in and buy tickets but are not charged unless the event reaches its target and goes ahead.

Introducing a new way to plan events. A risk free way. If you have an event idea that you’ve always wanted to get off the ground, a show that you want to take on the tour, or a workshop that you don’t want to run without minimum numbers you can now use SuchCrowd to take the risk out of your event.

It’s new, but with over 40 events running through the SuchCrowd platform we confidently say, it works. Want to use it? Got questions? Check out our website and flick us an email Our team is keen to help you turn the triangle the right way up for your next event.

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