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Ever heard of FKA Twigs? If you haven’t, you’ve either been hiding under a rock or haven’t been paying attention to how up-and-coming artists are using a combination of social media platforms and marketing genius to build brands, share their work and gain more exposure. Whether you write, perform stand-up comedy, sing, dance or act, these mediums are a critical and invaluable part of advertising your creativity, gigs and style. Like many other artists, FKA Twigs has used social networking sites to rise from a relatively unknown back-up dancer to Britain’s own Beyonce. Currently hailed as the next Prince, Twigs is the perfect example of how good marketing can take a creative’s career right into the stratosphere. Read on to
find out how creatives can use different social medial to build a brand and reach and audience.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 3.42.26 PMStrategies That Work Across The Board

Humility, personality and aggressive networking are all things that work across the board. Whether attempting to establish a presence on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook, start by building a personable, accessible brand by liking other posts, signing on as follower and friend and basically letting people know you’re out there. In fact, this is the absolute best way to let people know you’re out there. When you like, follow or comment positively on someone’s post, there’s a very high likelihood that this individual will return the favor. Best of all, each new contact that you make on many of these platforms can wind up generating exponential attention for your artistic endeavors.

Another strategy that works well on nearly all social networking platforms is link-sharing. Has a local newspaper covered your latest show? Were you interviewed by a reporter at your most recent exhibit. Don’t expect people to stumble across this publicity first-hand and never it let it go to waste. Upload video clicks, pictures of yourself in the paper or the most exciting posts. You can even link all of your social networking sites together so that sharing these important updates is a seamless and almost entirely automated process.

If used strategically and with flair, one of the surprising benefits that each social networking platform can provide is a sense of celebrity. This is particularly true if you take networking seriously and work hard to build up a big online following. If you have 10,000 people following your posts, many of these individuals and more will want to know where they can check you out. Modern consumers tend to be pretty predictable and thus, they’re virtually guaranteed to flock wherever there’s a crowd.

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Instagram profiles can be a conucopia of visual delights, particularly when artists happen to own these profiles. In an increasingly visually-oriented generation, if you aren’t using Instagram to showcase your talents and budding career, then you’re definitely missing out. You can upload photos from your past shows, micro-videos of past performances and even pictures or videos of you practicing your routine. This is also a great space for building symbiotic relationships with other creatives both in and outside of your niche. Like their posts and comment on them and expect them to come back and comment on yours in turn.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 3.48.46 PMUse Twitter To Express Your Views On Trending Topics

Ever wonder how some artists manage to stay fresh and relevant despite their failure to produce no work or in spite of seemingly endless careers. Well, many of these individuals can attribute their continued success and relevance to Twitter. Head to a popular search engine and then look up the trending or most frequently searched-for topics of the day and then tie one of these back to your business in a strategic and well-meaning Tweet. Is one of the most popular search topics about an upcoming election, global warming or world hunger. Do you mention any of these things in your act? Unless your Tweets are inciting outrage and backlash, almost all forms of Twitter publicity can be good for increasing visibility and giving people a better understanding of who you are and what you do. If you happen to have a comedy act, this is also the absolute best platform for trying out your latest one-liners. If you can make people laugh out loud while they’re standing on the subway platform, odds are, they’ll be willing to buy a ticket to your show. You can even enhance the efficacy of these endeavors by letting viewers know where your performing. In short, tell your joke and then close your stream of Tweets off with a quick, “By the way, you can check me out at ….”

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 3.50.11 PMFacebook Can Help Establish A Brand That People Engage With

Facebook is the perfect place for making your brand a personable one. Artists don’t just have followers on Facebook, they have fans and friends. This is a great space for sharing your thoughts on recent happenings, links to performances that you love and long-winded rants about changes or developments in your industry. This is the first and best-known home of vast, online image galleries. Adding photos and labeling them correctly can even help you land a top spot on the first page of search engine results in almost no time at all. In fact, Facebook can be key to getting found online even when your work is still relatively unknown. Thus, although many new social networking sites are rising to the forefront of consumer attention and stealing Facebook’s former thunder, there are still plenty of good reasons to build and maintain a profile here.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 3.53.53 PMCreatives And LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t just for straight-laced professionals who wear suits and carry briefcases into the boardroom. Odds are, if your creative endeavors have a business aspect and a need for marketing, then you should have a professional LinkedIn Profile. This is especially true for creatives who offer corporate services such as corporate bands, motivation speakers and stand-up comedians. This is by far and wide the best form of social media for building your network and linking up with other like-minded people for possible collaborations.


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