I recently had the chance to catch up with comedian, Brad Zimmerman who was in Dunedin for the Fringe Fest. Zimmerman’s toured all over NZ and the UK doing this comedy stuff. I tempted him to come meet me in exchange for a coffee – then he showed up with a coffee in his hand already so that was a bit awkward,

For those who don’t know, Brad accidently got kinda famous in Dunedin for having 2 people show up at his show,

To be fair – he was performing at Inch Bar so the place probably seemed packed (Inch Bar is appropriately named for being really small for those who don’t know). Despite its size, Inch Bar has been doing heaps of awesome comedy shows lately and they always have an intimate and fun atmosphere.

Probably because of the industry Brad is in, this is now a joke. You know the saying 3 men and a dog? Meaning not many people came. Well now comedians are calling it a Zimmerman. Except a Zimmerman is only 2 people, and no dogs. But on the plus side it’s doesn’t have to be men so at least we’re making progress on gender equality.

Seeing as SuchCrowd is all about helping avoid bad turnout I took the chance to ask Brad about promotion, being a comedian and building an audience. Brad is an award winning comedian, he’s toured NZ and even went to the UK so he’s got some pretty good insights. Here you go!

Brad notes that he might be able to do better at the whole promotion thing. He spends money on ads on Facebook, doesn’t understand Twitter and doesn’t use Linkedin. Those are the 3 main ones so I thought I’d let him stop there. Like pretty much everyone he’s not a big fan of phantom billboards … ‘they’re everywhere’.

He says being a comedian is pretty tough – people don’t really value it. In fact, to me it sounds like people are kind of rude. Brad had one guy come into Inch and ask how much the show was. On hearing the OUTRAGOUS price of $10 he replied ‘I could get a beer for that’ and promptly did get a beer, skulled it and left. Sweet bro.

Building an audience? Brad describes himself as ‘vanilla’. I totally didn’t think of sex stuff. He meant ordinary and normal. ‘People forget who I am, like I could have just done a set and they’ll laugh and clap and then go what was his name again? I’ve contemplated getting a face tattoo or something’.

In general, Brad loves doing his comedy, but maybe not so much the promotion stuff. For him it’d be awesome to not really have to think about it and he loves it when someone else does the work. SuchCrowd is working on connecting venues that want shows with entertainers that want paid performance opportunities at the moment. Brad loves the idea of having a venue call him up and ask him to come and do a show because they’ve sold enough tickets to pay him. ‘Awesome’ says me – ‘I’ll put you on the list’.

Brad then had to hurry up to get to the mall to promote his show for the evening. He’s a nice guy. He said I could write a blog post about him. I think I’ll go to his shows sometime, you guys should too, if you’re up in Auckland there’s this one coming up to check out! Now you know so you just have to get your ticket and remember :) Click the poster to get a ticket.

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