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This blog post is a resource for helping you when it comes to your decisions around setting the ticket prices for your event!

As you all may have realised by now, SuchCrowd is a little bit different when it comes to selling tickets and promoting your event. On SuchCrowd your event is unconfirmed until you reach your minimum target for ticket sales. But what do these differences mean when it comes to setting ticket prices?

Now, we would never tell you what your event, show or gig is worth – you know that FAR better than us! One thing to consider however, is that if you want to encourage ticket sales in the earlier stages, a common way to do it is through ‘earlybird’ tickets. This sets lower ticket prices to the other tickets.

The saying goes that the early bird catches the worm and that’s exactly what the principles of early bird tickets are based on. If you are first in for buying tickets, you get the best deal.

We often have event planners ask us –  will people buy tickets to an unconfirmed event? We hope that we’ve eased some of these worries, we’ve now had 12 successful events! Well done to all the event planners! But, it’s an interesting question, is buying a ticket to an unconfirmed event less attractive for an event goer? And if so, how to make it more attractive? At SuchCrowd we believe a great way to incentivise is to have lower ticket prices in the unconfirmed stages.

Projekt Team, who has a recent success on SuchCrowd sort of did this! They gave people the option of buying tickets through SuchCrowd for $5 cheaper than their standard prices, the catch of course being that they had to sell 25 of the cheaper tickets.

ticket prices
Projekt Team reached their target!

It had a fantastic result! Once of the quickest events to reach their target! Projekt Team were really smart about this, kudos to them! They actively gave their crowd a reason to get in and get their tickets as soon as so they could confirm the event.

Interested in setting up an event on SuchCrowd and having cheaper unconfirmed tickets? Awesome! We definitely see that it helps reach your target ticket sales faster. Ping us an email on hello@suchcrowd.com and we can give you some more tips and help you set it up. If you have an existing event on SuchCrowd and want to try it get in touch as well – we will see what we can make happen!

We love all you guys and are really enjoying working with you to make your events successful! If you have any other questions about different elements of SuchCrowd or feedback on what would improve success let us know!


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