This blog post is designed to give you some tips for using SuchCrowd! Our team has been using SuchCrowd since its launch. In fact our CEO Abbe Hyde was a speaker at the very first confirmed event on SuchCrowd, check it out!

Our CEO's first event on SuchCrowd
Our CEO’s first event on SuchCrowd

We’ve also been watching our users (in the most non-creepy way possible) and we’ve been learning a few cool tricks and tips on how to use SuchCrowd really well! So we thought we’d share with you the top tips from each of our team! As always let us know if you have any questions about anything at all.

Tip 1: From our CFO Jacob Manning : Communicate with your crowd

Our CFO Jacob Manning is all about the engagement and story about your event … those who have met him with understand … he’s an enthusiastic one! His top tip for you in all around getting out and communicating your event to the world. Specifically he suggests creating a Facebook event and inviting everyone!

“Then you can talk to them all about your event, your ticket sale goal, how the event planning is coming along!”

Jacob recommends you take your crowd on a journey and let them know that your event is unconfirmed but that you really want to confirm and that it is going to be AWESOME!

“Get your crowd involved and watch as they go from ‘interested’ on Facebook to GOING on SuchCrowd”

Tips from Jacob!
Tips from Jacob!

Tip 2: From our CEO Abbe Hyde: Plan your event as you go

Our CEO Abbe is the planner of the group … so of course her tip is based around planning for your SuchCrowd event,

“The best thing you can do for yourself and your crowd is set the date that your ticket sale goal needs to be reached at a date that still gives you enough time to plan the event and gives your crowd enough notice that it is on! I suggest at least a week out for the event at minimum depending on how big the event is!”

Abbe's top tip
Abbe’s top tip

Abbe also thinks that planning your event alongside your SuchCrowd ticket sales is a great idea,

“As you start to make traction on ticket sales and it looks likely that the event might happen start to put the building blocks in place”






The pending status
The pending status

You may not be aware but once you reach your ticket sale goal on SuchCrowd the event changes to ‘Pending’ rather than being confirmed right away. You then have some time to sort details before you hit the confirm button – but it is still best to do it soon after you reach your goal.






Tip 3: From our CTO Tin Htoo Aung: Be realistic 

And lastly our CTO Tin Htoo Aung who is a strong realist!! So his advice is to be reasonable in terms of the ticket sale goal you have.

“Don’t set a ticket sale goal that will be impossible to reach based on your crowd … but also don’t set a ticket sale goal too low!”

The idea with your ticket sale goal is that it should be at a point where you are happy to confirm the event once you reach it. This might be your breakeven in terms of costs for the event or it might just be the number of people you want to commit before you are willing to spend time and resources planning it! The point of SuchCrowd is that you don’t spend time planning events that have low turnout, so set your ticket sale goal at a number where you’re happy to put on the event.

A tip from CTO Tin
A tip from CTO Tin

Want more tips? We’re writing new content all the time! If you have something specific you want us to write about email and tell us!

Looking forward to seeing your event on SuchCrowd!


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