The SuchCrowd team were talking at the office today and thought we should chuck something together to help our users! Because we love you! This blog post outlines the process of putting an event on SuchCrowd – from creation to success!

There are many different parts, and not all will be relevant for everyone. We’ve tried to start right at the start and give you tips as you go through your SuchCrowd journey. Get in touch if you have any questions ( We will also be putting together some tips and tricks over the coming weeks on how to price tickets, set minimum numbers etc let us know if there is anything you want to hear about!

Step 1: Creating your event

This the first way your fans will come across your potential event on SuchCrowd, so make sure it is compelling! You want to make your description something that gives your crowd a reason why they should buy a ticket now – as well as why they should tell their friends about it.

Give them enough information about the event so they know whether they will be able to attend (date, time range, location etc) but remember it is really down to how they feel about the overall event – people often go out of their way to attend a particularly awesome sounding event, and if they genuinely can’t you still want them to share it with their friends that might be able to.nick knox

Sell your event. Give enough information for people to decide if they can go and be sold on the vision.

Shout out to Nick Knox who has done an awesome description

Step 2: Selling your first tickets

Herd mentality is a real thing. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you spin it) people tend to follow others. This makes selling your first tickets the hardest.

We recommend you ask your diehard fans or people you think are very likely to buy tickets to purchase them first before you push it out to the general public. This serves 2 purposes, firstly – your biggest fans feel important and secondly – when you advertise it to the wider public there are already people buying in so more people are likely to follow!

Have a chat to your supportive people before talking to everyone. Give them first chance to buy tickets.

Step 3: Promoting your event

One important thing to remember is that SuchCrowd is different to event systems you have used in the past – because the event is unconfirmed. You can make this work in your favour, so do so! We recommend being very clear in your advertising that this event is tentative and may not go ahead if not enough tickets are sold.

Communicate your goal and give updates on how close you are! Keep your fans in the loop. This is important, it adds urgency to buying tickets and it also means people are not confused if the event isn’t going ahead. At SuchCrowd we also manage this process but it is easier if you do it as well!

Build on the hype of needing to reach your goal. Don’t ignore it and advertise the event as something that is definitely happening.Mims promo

Check out a star player Circotica who are just hitting a home run with this on social media

Check them out and buy tickets or tell your friends to if you want the show to go ahead!!


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