Here, we will talk about some of the best venues for live dance performance around New Zealand.

1. Napier Municipal Theatre, Napier 524251_176356859164927_896401825_n

A leading theater in Hawke’s Bay, for shows, performances, concerts, functions, events and what not. The theatre is a perfect combination of classic art deco style and modern theater facilities, which makes it one of the best performing arts center in New Zealand. The auditorium has a seating capacity of 993 on two levels – Stalls and Dress circle, which makes it a perfect venue for performing live dance shows.

2. Artworks Community TheatreTheatre-Entrance, Waiheke Island, Auckland

A community-owned, volunteer-run performing arts theatre, Artworks Community Theatre was declared open on – Boxing Day 1991, and has been part of the local community, ever since. Being a community theatre, it is focused on shows that truly entertain people. The auditorium is a perfect venue for organizing performing art events, making it an ideal choice for dance performances.
3. St. James Theatre, Wellington112513-1292-34
Refurbished in the late 1990s and home to the The Royal New Zealand Ballet, St. James theatre is larger than Sydney’s famous Opera House, and an ideal space for performing cabaret, musicals, opera and dance. A seating capacity of 1550, brings a larger than life viewer ship, for your shows.

4. Opera HouseOpera_House_-_Stage___Auditorium, Wellington
The two words that comes to the mind, when you think of the Opera House are – History and Heritage. Home to the New Zealand International Comedy Festival, Opera House been the top choice in the list of social and entertainment venue, since it’s inauguration in 1914. The auditorium, with a capacity of 1381, boasts of a domed ceiling, marble staircase and grand circle together with two tiers of boxes. An amazing venue, for an amazing performance.

5. Circa Theatre13892015_1084666604904347_8639329861200373060_n, Wellington
Started by a breakaway group of actors and theatre practitioners, in 1976, to change the way theatre was performed in New Zealand, with only one goal in mind – to dazzle the audience with sheer excellence of the performance. In the recent years, Circa Theatre has established itself as New Zealand’s one of the most innovative and liveliest theatre, making it an absolute choice for dance performace.

All the venues provided in the list, can be booked online. So, good luck and have fun spreading your act to new cities!


written by: nawabrai

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