Have you ever had an event that noone came to?

….What a sucky experience :( that plenty of people seem to have experienced! I googled the phenomenon and found some of the saddest stories including this one

small crowd

I remember friends being late to things I have organised and that painful moment when your are furiously checking your phone wondering if you sent the wrong date or time…

Amplify that times a million for an event planner right?! Not only a smash to your personal emotions but all of a sudden you have to face covering event costs yourself…

I was trawling the web for something to suggest how to avoid this. There are  a lot of “5 tips to increase attendance”., “15 ways to guarantee people will come to my event” etc etc.

Mostly promotion tips …. and I find myself wondering – is that really the answer? When we look around we see posters, social media posts, event discovery systems … a million different avenues for promoting an event. Really though … when it comes down to it you can promote until you are blue in the face and you still risk people not coming.

I find it weird that I can only find one blog that suggested considering whether the event is something people want to attend first … it seems like an obvious answer to me, people will come to your event if they want to … and yet something so overlooked by every other blog.

SuchCrowd wants to help with this process by giving people a testing ground to validate their event ideas before they put them on. We hope it creates more awesome events for people and removes the risk of having low attendance at an event. We call it crowd demanded events. Check it out

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