Welcome to the first blog post of SuchCrowd! We are currently participating in a business accelerator, Lightning Lab, which is a pretty amazing experience! But it’s up and down and all around. Over the last few weeks (which feels like a few years) we have iterated, reiterated, reiterated … and then we bought SuchCrowd tshirts!

for weeblyWe are a stronger team and company for it. And while not officially launched our beta product has arrived and we have people posting events!

SuchCrowd has always had the vision of making more awesome and creative events happen, which has been our sole driver and the thing that has kept us going through some hard times. Now we have a way to allow the people coming up with amazing ideas to test them with a crowd of people and to get early ticket sales which confirms that they are not just a weirdo wanting the event.

We want to help some amazing events happen from what we have built…we have ideas coming out of our ears (Imgur camps, Hustle Con, Hackerthons, Dota2 tournaments and circus all the time!). If you have fun ideas get in touch (hello@suchcrowd.com)! We want to help you get your crowd and your funding to put on the event.

Oh and by the way…the title? Represents the ups and downs of starting a business…but also represents the fact that we got to play with an Oculus Rift and go on a rollercoaster in VR.

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